Sabotaging Your Resolutions

Sabotaging Your Resolutions

By Michelene K. Bell


A Critical Gift By Alan Cohen In Light Times March 2013Did you ever notice how we, as a society, look forward to the ending of each year? One way history has displayed our hopes for new beginnings is by making resolutions such as weight loss, exercising, eating healthy, taking that vacation, stop smoking, save money, spend less, set up  a budget, finding the perfect love etc., and the list goes on and on.

Statistics actually show that 75% of those who make resolutions maintain interest within the week. After two weeks, the interest drops 4% or down to 71%, over one month interest declines another 7% (down to 64%), and after six months, only 64% are still engaged. The percentage of people who achieve their resolutions is a mere 8%. (For complete statistics, visit:

Have we ever asked ourselves, “Why can’t I succeed in attaining my resolutions/goals?” Is it because we lose interest, it is too hard or perhaps it is a commitment and control issue? Any one issue can sabotage success as we tend to fall back into old patterns (comfort zones) of what we know and many have the fear of change.

Studies have now shown that one of the largest pitfalls in our thinking is that we are making resolutions based on a 12-month year. It is believed these thought processes set us up for failure. Now, it is being suggested that in order to obtain better resolution success, that we work on the basis of a three-month pace…not 12. By using a three-month scenario, one does not get as overwhelmed or discouraged because the project timeframe is more obtainable.

Resolutions take time and work. It is not about putting something down on paper and forgetting about it. It takes total dedication and a continuous awareness of each milestone we accomplish. Actually, the next step to success in any goal is to be as specific as possible.


What Is The Size of Your Waist? By Dr. Bob DeMaria In Light Times, June 2013You want to lose 25-pounds within a three-month period. How does one get started? Be sure to break down each element of the plan and remember, everything in moderation.

a. Take amount of weight to lose and divide it by the three months to get the monthly weight loss needed to reach your goal. In the case of 25 pounds, it would be 8.33 pounds per month.

b. Research weight standards for body type.

c. Make this a fun project.

d. Are you an emotional eater?

e. How much per week do you want to loose?

f. Do you overeat the foods you love?

g. Determine if you are a “junk-food addict.”

h. Start with one junk food to replace with some nutritious food. Then add other junk foods to eliminate as you progress.

i. Check different eating plans, i.e., macrobiotics, vegetarian, vegan, protein, liquid etc.

j. Are you allergic to wheat or gluten?

k. List all comfort foods.

l. List times when you eat and where (in front of the TV or at the table).

m. Do you dine out and how often?

n. What types of food do you like to cook?

o. Before putting anything in your mouth, ask yourself this question, “Is this good/beneficial for me?” Many times our brain tricks us into “thinking” we want what we want, whether good or bad for us.

p. Do you eat for comfort, health or survival?

q. Get excited about trying new dishes. Find new recipes.

r. Do you drink enough water?

s. Do you eat process foods?

t. Important, create a vision board to show your progress.


a. Ascertain whether you like to exercise.

b. What types of workouts do you enjoy; running, weights, biking, hiking etc.?

c. How often do you implement an exercise routine?

d. Do you workout at home, the gym or outside in nature and how often?

e. How do you feel after a workout? Good, tired, accomplished, proud?

f. What new ways can you implement to keep exercise fun?

g. Have a “buddy” system in place, especially for motivation.


a. What do you enjoy doing for fun or hobbies? Example, movies, hiking, sports       partition, gardening, etc.?

b. Connecting with friends for an evening out.

c. When was the last time you had fun or created a hobby?

d. What is your idea of fun?

e. What will it take to enjoy living life again?

I realize this list is long; however, as I said in the beginning, it takes work and true commitment. We cannot accomplish what we desire until we are willing to eliminate what does not work for us. The old habits will definitely attempt to draw us back into our comfort zones; yet, we must recall the reason we have made this resolution … to lose 25-pounds in a short three-month period.

By analyzing our commitment, and being honest with ourselves, success can be just around the corner. Revisit your vision board often and be sure to update your progress. The benefits will be amazing as your weight loss resolution becomes a reality. Be sure to congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Moreover, lest we forget, if we want different outcomes in our lives, we must choose new behaviors in order to have a different result. Are you ready to change your world?

Let us expect a brighter now/tomorrow so that we may see a world of success. The choice is ours alone in how, and if, we accomplish our goals; there are no “right” or “wrong answers, just do what is in the heart. The results will be life changing.

In closing, may we all walk upon the path of good health, sound mind, prosperity and the benefits of great achievements.

Michelene K. Bell is the Founder and Publisher of In Light Times, Concepts for Conscious Living (now retired after 27-years), and is a professional freelance writer with a passion for life and all that it holds. Michelene brings clarity and heart to the written word. She paints a vivid picture within the content of articles, blogs, newsletters and all things literary.

Michelene enjoys great friends, fantastic food, travel, creative endeavors and having fun exploring new adventures. Visit for a list of services she offers in the literary world.



April 11, 2016
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