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No one knows for sure where she came from 
or how long she’s been here.

For countless centuries, 
the shifting sands of time 
 have drifted by. Oceans, 
mountains and civilizations 
rise and fall; Still she 
sits and waits in ever 
deepening silence...

She need   
not be silent 
any more!   

In Light Times Live!

Wednesday mornings 10-11am on talk radio KLAV 1230AM  in  Las  Vegas

You will need the new Windows Media Player to listen: Click  Here  For  Free  Update. 

Talk, Listen,

Join In The Fun!

Interviews, Local Events,
 Light News, Call-Ins,
and much more.  

 A fun filled hour 
of information, inspiration,
and thought provoking conversation.

Call In!

  • Call ins accepted during broadcast times only! The call in number is 1-702-731-1230

  • Email comments and questions must be received at least 4 hours prior to broadcast times. Email will be responded to on the
     air only.

6 PM Greenwich Mean Time
10 am Las Vegas local time

If you experience problems, email Radio Support

International  Time  Schedule

     7 am Samoa
     8 am Hawaii
     9 am Alaska
    10 am Pacific (USA)
    11 am  Mountain (USA)
    12 noon Central (USA)
     1 pm Eastern (USA)
     2 pm Atlantic (Canada)
     3 pm Newfoundland
     4 pm Mid Atlantic
     5 pm Azores 
     6 pm GMT
     7 pm Stockholm
     8 pm Jerusalem
     9 pm Moscow
     10 pm Baku
     11 pm Islamabad
     Thursday 12 am  Dhaka
     Thursday  1 am  Bangkok
     Thursday  2 am Beijing 
     Thursday  3 am Tokyo
     Thursday  4 am Sydney
     Thursday  5 am Madagan   
     Thursday  6 am Auckland

P.O. Box 35789    Las Vegas Nv  89133
(702) 795-4801

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