MARCH 2014 ~ Awakened Oracle Astrology



MARCH 2014 ~ Awakened Oracle Astrology

By Bryn Morgaine
In Light Times, March 2014

This is the month of Love. We enjoy the tradition of Valentine’s Day, where we take the time to remind our mate that we love and appreciate the value they bring to our lives. Love on a deeper level, however, has been at the forefront of this New Year. Self-Love and its more difficult form, Self-Acceptance, have been prominent so far in 2014. This was a surprise to me as it may have been for many of you. Self-Love and Self-Acceptance is not new terrain on my personal growth path. I would imagine it is not new terrain for most of you. And yet, a whole new vista in this area has arisen. And it is clear that without facing and accepting the new awareness, no progress into the New Year will be made. The new terrain is about accepting my dual nature. Will I accept myself as a blend of Light and Dark? Can I be both a child of Sky and Earth? Or must I continue to judge and shame one side or the other. My message this month is to face duality. Accept yourselves unconditionally, whether you are in your noblest aspirations or your deepest, darkest desires.

Energy for March 2014

Strength: Our strength is our ability to create Inner Bridges. Find Peace within your dualist nature. Create bridges where there had previously been cavernous gaps.

Challenge: Our challenge is Love. Self-Acceptance is a form of Self-Love. Do not turn away from any of the darkness you may feel inside. Peer more deeply into your own nature and see the Love.

Totem Energy: Our totem is Spider; the totem of Patience and Balance. Be at peace with the process at this time. Things will unfold in the right time if we create the right environment.

Energetic Theme: Our theme is Beginnings. We are moving into a new beginning and any struggles we are having only served to demonstrate what we no longer need to carry. Let go of what doesn’t work.

Moon Cycles

New Moon: January 30th, 1:39pm PST- 10° Aquarius; New Moon Message: Assess your personal values. Pause and reflect, greater insights will become apparent if you take the time to allow inspiration to float into your consciousness. Full Snow Moon: February 14th, 3:53pm PST - 26° Leo; Full Moon Message: Relish and enjoy the grace of this Valentine’s Full Moon. The Sun is dawning on a new adventure in your life, even if the Love of your life at this time is yourself.

Introducing Aquarius
January 20th to February 18th
“I’m different”

Ruling Planet: Uranus ~ Rules: Circulatory system, Ankles ~ Symbol: The Water Bearer ~ Element: Air ~ Energy: Masculine ~ Quality: Fixed ~ Gem: Amethyst ~ Flowers: Orchid ~ Color: Purple ~ Most Compatible Signs: Leo, Gemini & Libra ~ Higher Octave of Aquarian Energy: Our lightning fast intellect and unique genius are transformed into innovation and tools for the advancement of the collective. We seek our tribe to serve and our fellow team members with whom we can now accomplish more than we could alone. We understand and are committed to transcending our personal needs and desires as our true passion is fulfilled in aiding the “whole” ~ Lower Octave of Aquarian Energy: We are perpetually “different” and terminally unique. Our creativity is ungrounded and therefore of little use to the collective. We stand apart and are distant and cold. Intellect and genius separate us from our fellows. Full Spectrum of the Aquarius/Leo Axis: We are in touch with our personal needs and desires and rise up our “star” qualities to serve the greater whole. We are innovators and inventors who value our friends and community and the collective.

Aquarius is the Water Bearer; however, it is more often seen as a flash of Lightening than a cool drink of water. Innovation and Inspiration are the most common description of the Aquarian nature. In the procession of the Equinoxes, which takes approximately 2000 years to pass from one sign to another, we have just moved from the “Age of Pisces” into the “Age of Aquarius”. We are living in the overwhelming experience that is Aquarius; unrestricted and overwhelming, inundation of Information. Aquarius is an Air sign and therefore its home turf is the mind. “I am different” is just an Aquarian’s kind way of saying “I am the new or the next”. Aquarius is always, and I stress ALWAYS, on the cutting edge. The cutting edge of technology, or consciousness, or farming techniques; it makes no difference to Aquarius. They serve the collective. Aquarius innovates wherever you plant it. The other great passion for Aquarius is Egalitarianism. You will find yourself fighting for equality anywhere you have Aquarius in your chart. We are passing out of Capricorn when we move into Aquarius, so fundamentally we are looking to break free of societal restriction and into the new age.

ARIES • Mar. 21 to Apr. 19

Totem: Elk (Esteem, Bringer of Dreams). Elk brings you the power to love yourself and others more fully. Strengthen the bonds of friendship by your spending time with your own sex this month. You may have spent too much time on your own quest recently. Enjoy the support of your brethren and recharge your life force. You will return to the quest in the near future. Now is not the time to stand apart or alone.

TAURUS • Apr. 20 to May 20

Totem: Fox (Cunning, Speed, Awareness). This is not the time to confront the issues head on. You do not need to be so visible at this time. Take the burden of responsibility off your shoulders, lighten up, and use cunning and intelligence rather than brawn to make progress. You will find that you can now share the load with others when previously you had been required to burden the load alone.

GEMINI • May 21 to June 20

Totem: Butterfly (Sensitivity, Transformation). Your life is in the midst of great changes. Transformation is on the horizon. Do not be lured into “flitting” from one idea to the next without gathering the essential message from each. Your sense of excitement will build as you can see new ideas emerging from within you, so long as you spend enough time on each idea. Slow down and let change happen.

CANCER ~ June 21 to July 22

Totem: Medicine Wheel (Understanding, Energy). You are riding a wave of expansion at this time. Strong currents are funding growth in many areas of your life. Claim your intuitive understanding of the cycles in life to find emotional balance within this movement. Identify what may be needed to restore balance and nurturance wherever you see it is lacking. This will be the outlet for the expansion you are feeling.

LEO ~ July 23 to Aug. 22

Totem: Whale (Intelligence, Intuition). The sun shines brightly on you this month. You have center stage once again. Dive deep, like the whale, to bring forth your innate wisdom and natural intelligence. Your unique song will touch the lives of others now so long as it is your own. You are not here to play a role in someone else’s story. Play the unique role designed for you. Sing your own song.

VIRGO ~ Aug. 23 to Sept 22

Totem: Porcupine (Trust, Innocence). This is the time to trust and relax. You do not need to protect yourself as you have in the past. Your hyper vigilance has left you feeling a bit “prickly” of late. Relax your porcupine quills for now and allow a sense of trust and innocence to return. Find the place within yourself that can be playful in your interactions with loved ones and enjoy some much needed joy.

LIBRA ~ Sept. 23 to Oct. 22

Totem: Snake (Rebirth, Sexuality). If you have been experiencing the struggles of rebirth; a new relationship, a new job, a new part of yourself, it may be time to lie in the sun and recharge your batteries. Trust your intuitive knowing. There is a great push for you to take action at this time. You may be pushing too hard. Balance the work with some extra rest and you will feel reborn.

SCORPIO ~ Oct. 23 to Nov. 21

Totem: Dolphin (Awareness, Communication). You are deeply committed to those you love. Dolphin is here to show you how to ride the ebb and flow in those relationships. We all have cycles of intimacy and alone time. If another seems distant, step back from the need to pursue your own goals about the relationship and see the larger cycle. Find a way to ride the wave of intimacy and boundaries in your primary relationship.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Nov. 22 to Dec. 21

Totem: Medicine Woman (Creativity, Earth Connection). You have an expanded awareness of your feminine. Be aware of the waning and waxing cycles of the moon in your life. You will see them in many areas; relationships, creative projects, finances. Tune into those cycles and listen more closely to your intuition. Identifying where you are in the cycle will show you which action is appropriate at this time. Trust your inner knowing.

CAPRICORN ~ Dec. 22 to Jan. 19

Totem: Otter (Playfulness, Trust). Otter swims your way to show you the value of the feminine at this time. Both Venus and Pluto (sensuality and sexuality) are prominent in your sign. Your focus will be ease and joy as you balance these two very powerful forces. Be careful not to allow sexual issues to develop in your relationships. Indulge your sensuality to ease any sexual tension.

AQUARIUS ~ Jan. 20 to Feb. 18

Totem: Dog (Intelligence, Friendship). You are highly mentally charged right now. As you pass by your birthday you are receiving an additional boost of mental activity from transiting Mercury. Do not let that old Aquarian tendency to space out or be aloof rear its head. Remember that being loyal and relying on the support of your family and tribe is your best defense against too much mental activity.

PISCES ~ Feb. 19 to March 20

Totem: Hummingbird (Joy, Love). You are feeling strong urges of love towards another right now. Allow your natural joy and openheartedness to flourish as a result. Do not hold back. Share this delight with the world as it will bring healing to another who may have forgotten how to laugh. Your greatest gift is your ability to be the Light, Love and Joy that you wish to see in the world.


BrynMorgaine is a psychic, writer and astrologer specializing in Personal and Planetary Actualization. She is the founder of the Awakened Oracle Metaphysical Institute and the creator of Polarity Creation Therapy. She can be reached at 360-436-6287 or visit




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