Benefits of Wheatgrass



Benefits of Wheatgrass
By Michelene K. Bell


Wheatgrass, an excellent source of chlorophyll, has many health benefits and has been known to be a powerful detoxifier, energy booster and blood cleanser, with no side effects. Below are just a few of the benefits of Wheatgrass.

• Helps reduce high blood pressure

• Cleanses the blood

• Increases red blood cells

• Oxygenates blood and body

• Improved brain function

• Helps with blood sugars (diabetes)

• Contains minerals essential for health

• Help or eliminate most skin conditions including dry scalp

• Contains a vital ingredient; magnesium

• Energizes one’s metabolism

• Balances the Ph levels in the blood, making your system more alkaline

• Helps with indigestion

• Stimulates the thyroid

• Helps with free radicals

• Helps with toxin buildup

• Helps remove heavy metals

• Is an anti-inflammatory

• Can be used as a topical agent

• Soothes bites, cuts, scrapes etc.

• Acts as a disinfectant

• Helps with burns

• Improves sleep

• Freshens the breath

• Helps soothe sores, pains, stomach issues

• Detoxifies the liver

• Helps slow down the aging process

• Helps with sinus congestion

• Helps with tooth decay

• Helps heal eczema

• Helps cure acne

• Wheatgrass is a complete food


Wheatgrass may not be the miracle cure for what ails you; however, it is an exceptional start to a healthier you.

Put it in your smoothies, your juice, a shot glass or water and feel the difference.

Drinking one ounce of wheatgrass daily will increase your energy, remove toxins, improve your blood pressure, blood sugars and help you feel great. The other benefit, no side effects.

As with any new practice, check with your healthcare practitioner.

Tips For Growing Wheatgrass Indoors




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