Being Conscious of Miracles

Being Conscious of Miracles

By Michelene K. Bell

Today a miracle happened…I woke up! Some may question, “Is that really a miracle?” Of course, it is. Remember, we are not guaranteed our bodies will awaken to begin a new day.

A miracle can be defined as any event outside the “norm” of ordinary living. For example, while in Houston, I was traveling in the suburbs and just before I was about to enter an intersection, my contact flipped over, causing me to stop the car; just as a truck sped through the stop sign going around 50/mph. The minute it passed the contact flipped back on its own and thus a serious accident was avoided. A miracle? I would like to think so. I believe I am here today because of a flipped contact.

So often, many of us travel through life on autopilot, adhering to our daily routine … staying within the boundaries of what we are familiar with. When asked, “what is a miracle?” I have heard answers ranging from “it’s a Divine intervention,” or “it’s a wake-up call to pay attention to your surroundings.” In fact, one individual shared how he and his buddies were in danger of a head-on car collision and just before the two cars crashed, Tommy’s car appeared to “fly over” the other car; thus avoiding a tragic accident. Sound incredulous? Yes, and yet, Tommy is alive today because of an inexplicable “miracle.”

That said, what does a miracle, in your estimation, look like? Have you ever experienced such a huge event that changed your very life? Did you recognize it as a miracle or “a luck of the draw?” Perhaps you had small events you did not classify as a miracle? Do you even believe we live in a world of miracles?

Oftentimes, many of us are unaware of the daily miracles we encounter, because, on the whole, we are so busy with life; we have no time to entertain anything outside the box. This cubicle, we have created, has now become our “comfort zone” and seldom do we explore what lies beyond it.

Take time to “smell the roses” and observe the little things that make life a panoramic scene of beauty. Then, ask yourself, “What is my miracle today?” Remember, the beauty you discover can uplift your soul and enhance the joy that it invokes. Today, let us be grateful that we have awakened to a new chapter of awareness and adventure.

Michelene K. Bell, Founder and Publisher of “In Light Times, Concepts for Conscious Living” (now retired after 27-years), is a professional freelancer. She is a writer, editor, proofreader, consultant and magazine/newsletter designer with a passion for the literary world. Michelene brings clarity and heart into her creations as she paints a vivid picture within the content of her articles, blogs, newsletters etc.

She enjoys great friends, fantastic food, travel, creative endeavors and having fun exploring new adventures. Visit

April 5, 2016
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