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The Path Of Simplicity

David R. Hawkins

In his groundbreaking book, The Eye of the I, Dr. David Hawkins includes transcripts of talks and meetings he has had with spiritual students from a variety of spiritual backgrounds in numerous countries. Following is an excerpt of one of those talks:

Q: What do you mean by the path of simplicity to reach enlightenment?

Dr. Hawkins: For the average person who is involved in a busy world, the intense requirement and commitment of a spiritual seeker of enlightenment is usually impractical. This does not mean that a different goal should be sought but that the means should be applied to daily life.

For significant spiritual growth, only one simple tool is required. It is merely necessary to select any simple spiritual principle that is appealing and then proceed with its application, without exception, to every area of life, both within and without.

For example, one could therefore choose kindness, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, or non-critical acceptance. One could choose to be unconditionally loving or committed to seeing the innocence of life. Whatever principle is chosen then has to be applied to everyone, including oneself, without exception, and with absolute persistence.

This process will bring about spiritual purification as the obstacles to these spiritual principles are brought up for examination.

Q: What is the most effective means of spiritual purification?

Dr. Hawkins: Focus on Love itself. That is the royal road to God and one that is everywhere present and available to everyone. In the beginning, love is seen as dualistic, i.e., the one who loves and the one who is loved. Love starts out as conditional and a feeling state, but it progresses. It becomes apparent that love is a way of seeing, experiencing, and interpreting life. Later, it becomes apparent that it is a state of being.

Life itself becomes the expression of love, and that love is the way to realizing that one’s life is love. In the final realization, the divinity of love transforms perception into spiritual vision, and the presence of God as All That Is becomes self-revealing. All existence radiates forth the divinity of its essence as creation, which is the manifestation of the love of God.

Q: Love is the pathway of devotion. Is it not therefore the most effective?

Dr. Hawkins: Love is transformative: its power sweeps away all obstacles. It is both the means and the end. It brings forth willingness and the capacity to surrender. It brings forth compassion and the desire to understand. With understanding, forgiveness ensues. With the relinquishment of positionality, one then realizes there is nothing to forgive. Judgment dissolves and condemnation and hatred are no longer possible. Ignorance born of innocence is seen to be the only ‘defect’ that needs to be transcended. It is seen that the nature of Creation is as it is and not in need of correction.

Q: Is love not merely a commonplace emotion? It is talked about endlessly.

Dr. Hawkins: Love is definitely not the prevailing level of human consciousness. Only two percent of the population ever reaches the level of Unconditional Love that can be called ‘lovingness’.

Love is an awareness, an attitude, a context for understanding life. Love is the leading edge of Reality and the oneness and essence of the Spirit. To deny love is to deny God. Religions which are based on the fear of sin rather than on the love of God are inherently weak.

Lovingness is a way of relating to the world. It is a generosity of attitude that expresses itself in seemingly small but powerful ways. It is a wish to bring happiness to others, to brighten their day and lighten their load.

Once one becomes willing to give love, the discovery quickly follows that one is surrounded by love and merely didn’t know how to access it. Love is actually present everywhere and its presence only needs to be realized.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., is Director of the Institute for Advanced Spiritual Research. He is a widely known authority within the fields of consciousness research and spirituality. He writes and teaches from the unique perspective of an experienced clinician, scientist, and mystic. A few of his books include, The Eye of the I, Power vs. Force, and Truth vs Falsehood. His life is devoted to the spiritual evolution of humanity. Join Dr. Hawkins March 26th in Las Vegas for a life changing experience. Call toll-free: 866-488-6589 to register.

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