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An Interview With
Dannion Brinkley
by Thomas Merryman & Alysia Peters

“Death is back in-style and so am I,” says Dannion Brinkley, internationally best-selling author of, Saved by the Light and At Peace in the Light

“Everywhere you turn these days, in movies, on television, in books and magazines, people are fascinated with dying, death and the mystical nature of the Hereafter. And I know everything there is to know about that!”

In 1975, Dannion experienced his first of three run-ins with the Grim Reaper. At age 25, while on the telephone, he was struck by lightning, and spent over 28 minutes on the ‘other side’.

During his visit to heaven, Dannion was shown over one hundred visions of the world to come, and was then sent back to fulfill his heavenly mandated mission. His first two books artfully chronicled Dannion’s life in the shocking aftermath of that unprecedented journey to the beyond.

Despite the fact that he had seen the magnificence of the heavens, Dannion returned from his near death experience to re-enter a body badly charred and damaged by the lightning. It took two years for him to learn to walk and feed himself again. Once his strength was restored, Dannion vowed to become a caregiver for others. Initially, he gave of his time in nursing homes, and eventually he became a hospice volunteer. In 1997 Dannion proudly co-founded a national organization of volunteer caregivers named Compassion in Action/The Twilight Brigade.

Although he has not written a new book in eight years, Dannion’s latest contribution to the impressively vast library of spiritual literature is destined to be another classic. The Secrets of the Light: Spiritual Strategies to Empower Your Life…Here and in the Hereafter  is a must read for every spiritual student of Truth who seeks to discover the mysteries of life, and dispel the illusion of death.

In 1994, In Light Times conducted its first of three interviews with Dannion 
(click for third interview) following the publication of Saved by the Light. Kathryn Peters, who conducted all three of those interviews, found Dannion to be most intriguing, funny and brilliant. Today she is happily married to this man who touched her soul.

Since 1998, Dannion has been on the National Advisory Board of In Light Times. As a dear friend of this publication, we proudly present this Las Vegas interview exclusive with Dannion Brinkley, one of the world’s leading authorities on the Near-Death Experience.

Thomas & Alysia

TM: Mr. Brinkley, your first best-selling book, Saved by the Light was published in 1994. It was quickly followed by, At Peace in the Light in 1995. Can you tell me why it has taken so long to complete and publish the last installment of your light trilogy, The Secrets of the Light?

Dannion: That’s a great question, Thomas, but please, call me Dannion. In all honesty, I never started out to be a book writer; my mind was intent on one thing— fulfilling a holy vision. And in the course of accomplishing that, Saved by the Light was written and served to catapult me into a wonderland, of sorts. Then, when At Peace in the Light was published, the odyssey really shifted into high gear. Of course, after the success of those books my publishers wanted me to write another one. I just didn’t feel I had anything to add to what had already been written. 

However, all that changed rather abruptly in 1997. As die-hard In Light Times readers may remember, I boarded an airplane in Los Angeles bound for Atlanta that year, and during that flight, I blew three subdural hematomas in my right frontal lobe. Subsequently, after five hours of brain surgery and forty-one hours in recovery, I suffered a grand mal seizure followed by heart failure.

Trust me when I tell you this, after barely surviving that little escapade, my life was literally reborn. More importantly, the frightening reality of the disturbing near-death experience I had during brain surgery became the next story I knew I was destined to write. You see, in stark contrast, the near-death experience I had after being struck by lightning was incredible and beautiful beyond imagining.

During open heart surgery, again I traveled to the other side of life to witness even deeper levels of Heaven’s perfection. However, I was totally unprepared for the third experience. Although I knew I had to share what I saw, I had no idea how to do that without scaring the life out of people. Up until the time my wife, Kathryn, helped me put it all into a positive, well-organized framework, I wrestled miserably for years with a stubborn case of writer’s block.

AP: Dannion, rumor has it that you did not think you would live past the year 2004. Obviously, you’re still here. Is that because you have not completed your mission or do you think that your marriage to Kathryn was responsible for rewriting your destiny?

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