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Doreen Virtue
An Interview by Diane M. Cooper

How long have you been in the psychotherapy field?

Since 1982.

Was there something in particular that drew your interest toward human psychology?

Well, my mother is a spiritual healer and was a Christian Science practitioner when I was growing up and that sparked my interest in helping people. But when I was young, metaphysics wasn’t as acceptable as it is now and I was a very sensitive kid. I got a lot of teasing for being raised in this ‘’woo-woo’’ family, so I decided to do my helping under the blanket of something more mainstream.

When did you begin to notice that there was something different happening with the children in your practice?

Approximately ten years ago. Kids would come in, and I would look into their eyes and see a very old soul looking back at me. I had been doing hypnotherapy as part of the psychology, so I started using this to do research and sometimes found this child was a reincarnation of an elder in the family who had come back. So in some cases it was explainable from a past-life standpoint as to why they were old souls.

But in other cases, this was a new soul to the family structure, and it was as if an incarnated angel had been sent. What I noticed was that these were extremely intuitive, sensitive children. And if the sensitivity wasn’t dealt with in a special way at home, it was causing problems in one of two ways either the children became complete introverts and isolates, or they would become agitated and have attention and aggression issues. The introverts were mainly the ones I was working with in the beginning, because these were eating-disordered children, which was my clinical specialty. Later, I ran a teenage drug-and-alcohol program, and those kids were more often the extroverts.

So, they were having to cope with their sensitivity by using drugs and alcohol to block it?

Well, they were coping with sensitivity and with not having creative outlets. These new children are extremely creative, not just in an artistic sense. They have so much energy they need to express. They need to have it release from their body. The two easiest ways I’ve found to channel this are through something creative like music, writing, poetry, dance, photography — anything artistic so that the energy releases instead of being all bottled up — and through exercise. These kids seem to respond very well to Eastern forms of exercise like T’ai Chi, T’ai Kwan Do and yoga.

So ten years ago you began seeing these kids in more abundance?

As I studied them, I obviously became more aware of their predominance, and began talking to teachers in school systems, asking if they had noticed anything different with kids. The first thing they’d say is that there was more immigration, which was affecting the school system. I’d say, ‘’No, no, nothing about culture or race—just in general.’’ Then they would get it, and say that these were very aware students. That’s the main term they tended to use, ‘’very aware.

Would you say that these children started to appear all over the place, sort of like the hundredth-monkey effect?

Well, definitely during the ’70s is when we started being populated with them. We consider Indigo Children to be of ages between zero and twenty-two right now. But there are definitely adults who have Indigo symptoms, so those age ranges, like all statistics, are very general.


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