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The Healing Sound Of Music

By Kate & Richard Mucci

Every material thing, every person, animal, rock and tree on the Earth, even Mother Earth herself, has its own natural resonating frequency. The Earth's electromagnetic field, deep space, and persons in a meditative state are all resonating at a frequency of approximately 7.8 hertz. It is called the Schumann Resonating Frequency.

Every cell in every person, rock and tree also has its own natural resonating frequency, which is ideally in harmony with the unit as a whole. Every sound, from the delicacy of a pure musical note to the harsh retort of a gun, sends out a wave of energy. This wave is vibrating at its own frequency, which then affects everything in its path.

In human beings, the balanced interaction of all the frequencies resonating in and through our bodies is what makes us work. When our frequencies resonate in sync, we are healthy. We feel good, and we feel connected with our own selves and those around us. We are "in tune".

For creatures such as the whales and dolphins, resonating in perfect harmony is essential. If these creatures are not in tune with each other, they cannot communicate. Reproduction and survival depend completely upon this ability to recognize and reply to each other's songs.

For humans, the issue is not quite so critical, but when we are "out of tune" many problems can develop. Just as all the musicians in a symphony orchestra must be tuned to each other for the music to sound good, so, too, must all of our cells be in tune with each other for us to feel good. And just as any number of things can make a musical instrument go out of tune, i.e., like changes in temperature, humidity or a sudden bump, any number of things can jostle the cells in our body out of tune.

A good example of the physical effect of vibrating energy is the scraping of nails against a chalkboard. This grating noise produces physical changes in anyone who hears it. Our teeth tingle and the hair on the back of our necks stands up. The tone itself is creating a frequency that is adversely affecting the rate of vibration in the cells of the body experiencing it.

Have you ever used those ultrasonic machines to repel rodents or insects? You know, the ones that chase away the pests without chemicals. Those devices are working on pure sound. Frequencies in these machines produce sound that only the pests can hear, but it is absolutely repelling to them. It creates a very definite physical reaction in them - they scurry away!

Isn't that kind of how you feel when you hear any unpleasant sounds? You try to get away. If you can't get away, your body reacts negatively to those sounds. We notice the most obvious things at once. We cover our ears, or tense up, or start to get nervous. But the effects go far beyond the obvious.

Scientific tests have shown bombardment of the body by unpleasant sounds actually increases blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rates. The blood's magnesium level falls, and extra fats are released into the bloodstream. Definitely not a good thing, especially if you have a challenge with high cholesterol!

Music is a way to experience vibrations in a pure form. Music is the art of vibrations. Whether it has a positive or negative physical effect has to do with how it is arranged and presented. The source of the sound, the volume, even the purity of the tone, has everything to do with the physical effect it has on our human bodies.



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