May, 1999


K-Torres.jpg (6000 bytes)The Feminine Face Of The Planets

by Katherine Torres, Ph.D.

From the power of Divine Mother we find the skies filled with twinkling lights. Stargates open to outer dimensions and the expression of the new paradigm. Divine Feminine is the center point again in the circle of life. She asserts Herself to bring forward balance. She calls for the birth of new states of consciousness within the souls of humanity, the realms of the Universe and the maturing world of our existence.

The Goddess emerges in the face of all. Her ancient wisdom is reclaimed. It empowers the levels of human consciousness and nurtures the growth of a new macrocosm. From the breast of the Mother, sweet milk abounds. Its life-giving essence creates growth, cellular development, and the memory of love returns to the heart of all living creatures.

The Circle of life calls you to know the workings of the Universe as it turns it planetary and zodiacal expressions to the seen and unseen side of the Feminine. The first planet to explore is Venus. Her radiant energy supports us in knowing the power and virtues of beauty, love, harmony, sensuality, and the creative power of the Great Mother.

Through the power of Her creative expression, let the Divine Mother, swoop you into secret patterns of Venus. A face of beauty emerges. Delightful jewels freely move around her head. A Cherub brings a mirror for Venus to see her reflection of elegance. You are called to see your image of beauty as well. Your mind, your heart, the sensual and loving feelings of your body can be experienced as you see yourself in the light of this empowering essence. Venus speaks of herself and the power within that you share:

Venus.gif (9976 bytes)

I am the power of Imagination
The beauty of vision
The flow of creativity
The evolution of expression

I am the freshness of a garden
The colors in a painting
The richness of a life
The preciousness of a soul

I am in the wholeness of Existence
The sound of the Universe
The song in your heart
The rhythm of your knowing

I am the Mother of all Children
The nurturer of Life
The empowerment of healing
The gift of renewal

I am the expression of Love
The essence of Light
The leap of your soul
The Greatness of the Whole

As you reflect on the face of Venus, know you are being called to enjoy the beauty of yourself. Reflect on your qualities that give pleasure to the senses. See in yourself your creative power of imagination and the mirror image of the Divine Mother within. Honor yourself with love. Honor others with compassion and the understanding that emerges from within. Let the symbols and Key Words of Venus give you further guidance.

Face of Venus: Represents expression of WomanSpirit through the planet Venus. She is filled with sensualness, beauty, playfulness and love. Her hair of jewels reflects the delightful expression of creative imagination and multi-cultural life experiences before us. Her deep green eyes brings the gentleness of her nurturing spirit, healing, balance, and creative visualization.

Color — Cream: The color of the planet as seen from the telescope of astronomers. It reminds us of creamy beauty and potentials before us. It provides the essence of the mother’s milk that Venus furnishes as she cares for our ever growing needs.

Stone — Rutile: Soft green, this stone contains within it a bi-pyramid structure — an octahedron. It has been known to represent the beauty and love of Venus. The essence of this stone at the third eye provides vision and knowing of love, the unfoldment of self through grace and ease. It calms and transforms ones life through love.


Roses — Long held as symbols of the Divine Mother. Love and Loving. Power of life: beauty, with thorny pathways to keep you awake and aware. Symbols of the soul unfolding to its Higher Power.

Archway — Gateway to new patterns of life. Integrating self with the Great Mother.

Cherub — Holds patterns for stability and learning. Assists one in reflecting their courage, intelligence, creative power and patience. Holds the mirror to assist one in reflecting on who they are and the right use of the Law of Reflection.

Women — Honors the beauty of the feminine, the qualities of the intuit, and the Love of the Goddess. Represents sisterhood. Gathering of friends.

Silver Grail Cup — Soul knowledge, mystical wonders, fulfillment, feminine potency, and spiritual alignment.

Symbol of Venus

The mirror. Reflection of the Divine Feminine. Symbols of love, life, sexuality, copper, and healing. The circle represents natural laws of life, and the womb of the Great mother. The vertical line represents the phallus penetrating the womb and the channel for birth. The horizontal line along with the vertical reveals balance with our positive and negative traits.

Lake — The reflective power of the inner mind that holds the knowledge of the Feminine. The Lake of Avalon. The crossing over to the other side of consciousness (from cognitive to subconscious and from subconscious to super consciousness).


Aine — Irish Goddess of Love.


Key Words of Power

Expression of Beauty. Sensualness. Fertility. Creative. Nurturing. Loving. Reflective power. Law of Creative Imagination. Feminine acceptance. Soul power. Soul protector. Birth, death and rebirth. Creative energy. Feminine empowerment. Creative conscious, understanding, playful, youthful, mother/child, productive, musical. Aesthetic. Harmony. Relating and attracting.

Key Words of Challenge

Jealousy and selfishness. Egotistical. Vain. Heart closed. Unemotional. Embarrassed. Fearing your creative self. Sabotaging your affluence. Unable to speak. Unable to relate your truth. Co-dependent. Lustfulness. Giving your power away to inappropriate sexual activities. Dishonoring the feminine. Critical, smothering, worrisome.

Katherine Torres, Ph.D. is a counselor, teacher, author. and creator of The Faces of WomanSpirit, An Oracle of Avalon. Dr. Torres provides correspondence studies for feminine alignment. For information about the divination deck or Daughter’s of the Moon studies call 800-499-2353. Katherine currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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