April 2014 ~ Awakened Oracle Astrology



APRIL 2014 ~ Awakened Oracle Astrology
By Bryn Morgaine
In Light Times, April 2014

I am sitting at the base of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece as I write this column for April. I have been touring ancient Greece for two weeks and so my perspective on April is certainly colored by my recent experience, most notably at the Oracle of Delphi, my Spiritual Home. In April we will experience one more exact square of Uranus and Pluto. This is the 5th of the 7th exact squares of these two planets and are the foundations for the upheaval/change permeating all society in the last few years. As I meditate here in the heart of the ancient world I am reminded that there is nothing new under the sun. Yes, we will change and maybe what we create to accommodate the new energy will not have previously existed, (and let’s hope not!) but change is not new. New Thought/Old Structures, New Ideas/Old Beliefs. We have collectively grown and succeeded repeatedly because of this process, not despite it. So my message this month is a loving and gentle reminder to embrace Change as the only constant.

Astrology uses the placement of all planets at the moment of your birth to determine the “Matrix” of energy you are working through this lifetime. The sign determines the process of connecting with that aspect of you. For instance, the Sun may be in Scorpio at birth, but Libra does not define “Who you Are”, it determines the process by which you will connect with “Who you Are”.

Energy for April 2014

Strength: Our strength is found in Birth and Rebirth. What is ending its cycle at this time will be the fodder for new growth..

Challenge: Our challenge is Love. Understanding and compassion will lead to awareness. Move towards love and away from fear.

Totem Energy: Our totem is Horse; the totem of Accepting Help. Be clear about what you actually need and accept the solution gratefully when and how it is presented.

Energetic Theme: Our theme is Risk. Risk is the ability to take the first step forward without understanding what the second step will be.

Moon Cycles

New Moon: - April 28, 11:14 pm PDT- 8° Taurus. New Moon Message: Abundance is a gift and a birthright, not a privilege or reward.

Full Pink Moon: April 15, 12:42 am PDT - 25° Libra. Full Moon Message: Embrace the path from intellect to vision to compassion.

Introducing Aries
March 21st to April 19th

Ruling Planet: Mars ~ Rules: Head & Face ~ Symbol: The Ram ~ Element: Fire ~ Energy: Masculine ~ Quality: Cardinal ~ Gem: Diamond ~ Flowers: Lotus ~ Color: Red ~ Most Compatible Signs: Leo, Sagittarius & Libra ~ Higher Octave of Aries Energy: We embrace the physical realm, enjoying the freedom to initiate action based on the trust we feel toward our natural desires” ~ Lower Octave of Aries Energy: We embrace the physical realm, enjoying the freedom to initiate action based on the trust we feel toward our natural desires. Full Spectrum of the Aries/Libra Axis: To know oneself and explore the world as a reflection of our desires and subjective responses.

Aries is the beginning of the Astrological Wheel where Spirit enters the World of Form. As such, Aries is about initiating action and embracing the physical. For an Aries sun sign, or any place we have Aries in our chart, we are driven to take action. On the highest planes of consciousness, we are driven to take action indicated by our “Divine Marching Orders”; that mission from our Creator that lies in our heart. Aries may have a bit of a reputation as impetuous or rash, but only because Aries normally is not taking action for personal gain. Aries is taking action to enact a needed change, to make things move. Ruled by Mars, Aries loves being a Warrior, on a quest or fighting a battle for Good and Right. Not an attention seeker fighting a battle to get notoriety. Aries sees things as straight forward; black or white. And Aries is alive with purpose and energy. Aries is also demonstrating self -sufficiency. Rely on Aries to rely on itself.

ARIES • Mar. 21 to Apr. 19

Totem: Cow (Nourishment, Abundance). Pluto will square your sun sign again on the 21st. You may feel a great urge to prepare for a battle as the “Old Guard” rears its ugly head again to thwart your forward movement. Cow has arrived to keep you connected to your sense of abundance and nourishment. The “battle” will become an exciting game when you remember that nothing you really need is being threatened.

TAURUS • Apr. 20 to May 20

Totem: Rabbit (Restriction, Fear). You may be feeling quite trapped or even fearful. Rabbit’s great gift is to “sniff out” danger, and to do so Rabbit stays on high alert and is cautious before it moves. Taurus, your magnificent old bull, you are not really trapped, this is a self-imposed restriction allowing you to feel your fear and better judge whether your current course is safe and best for you. This time is a gift.

GEMINI • May 21 to June 20

Totem: Serpent (Knowledge, Healing). Dear Gemini, you often process information but may not always retain wisdom. The Serpent has come to remind you that any trouble you are having at this time is for your own healing and that gaining knowledge is required now. Serpent also portends a time of “shedding your skin”. Are you hanging onto aspects of an old self? The root of the word “Healing” is “To change”.

CANCER ~ June 21 to July 22

Totem: Stag (Pride, Leadership). The Stag is asking you to take pride in your strengths and be sure you are true to yourself. This may be a good time to ask yourself some important questions. “Am I following my highest path?” “Are my actions in alignment with my integrity?” If you cannot answer yes to both of these questions, it is time to make some changes. Only you know the path you should be on.

LEO ~ July 23 to Aug. 22

Totem: Wasp (Forgiveness, Anger). Be mindful of how you address others at this time. If you are feeling the need to “sting” or feeling you have been “stung”, Wasp suggests that petty quarrels may be sucking your energy. Has envy or jealousy, on your part or the part of another, seeped into your world? Act decisively to get free of the issue. The lesson is to forgive or let go as quickly as you can.

VIRGO ~ Aug. 23 to Sept 22

Totem: Eagle (Spirit, Integrity). Eagle appears as a true message that you are connected to Spirit at this time. Eagle soars high above the normalcy of life to view a wider vista. Take the long view right now. You may be wrestling with an issue, or your day-to-day life may feel mundane. If you view it from a broader perspective, however, you will see how Spirit is present in every moment.

LIBRA ~ Sept. 23 to Oct. 22

Totem: Butterfly (Transformation, Beauty). It is time to open your eyes and see the beauty emerging all around you. Transformation is taking place in your life and Butterfly softly reminds you to make the choice to see beauty instead of darkness. Do not be tempted to join others who see the dark instead of the light. The glass is not only half full, it is being filled as you watch it.

SCORPIO ~ Oct. 23 to Nov. 21

Totem: Cat (Independence, Courage). Love with freedom is an act of courage. Cat’s message is to relax your attachment to what you desire. Stretch your long legs, soak up some sun, and enjoy your own independence and any part of you that has been hanging on too tightly will relax along with your tight muscles. What you long for is to be more self-possessed. In turn, you will find you need fewer possessions.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Nov. 22 to Dec. 21

Totem: Deer (Gentleness, Diplomacy). Walk gently on your path Sagittarius. Deer has come to tell you to be gentle in your movements as diplomacy is called for at this time. You may be heading into a period where you will not be sure of your footing or you may need to be gentle with another lest they are triggered into aggression. Remember, gentleness is not weakness, it is a trained discipline.

CAPRICORN ~ Dec. 22 to Jan. 19

Totem: Dog (Wealth, Sincerity). Good fortune comes with the Dog as your totem. Success and abundance are assured this month if you follow his advice; sincerity and steadfast loyalty are the foundation of lasting achievement. Are you being true to yourself and your dreams? Are you steadfast in your loyalty to your loved ones and your role in your community? Follow your heart to find your fortune and be sure to share your success.

AQUARIUS ~ Jan. 20 to Feb. 18

Totem: Raven (Truth, Magic). Raven reminds you that nothing is beyond the power of Creation. No matter how bleak your life may feel or how impossible your dreams may seem, everything is always possible. If you have lost touch with that magic, ask Raven to help you see the coincidence and synchronicity that are the messengers of the magic of Life. How it feels is not necessarily how it is. Expect the magic and everything changes.


BrynMorgaine is a psychic, writer and astrologer specializing in Personal and Planetary Actualization. She is the founder of the Awakened Oracle Metaphysical Institute and the creator of Polarity Creation Therapy. She can be reached at 360-436-6287 or Bryn@AwakenedOracle.com.

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