December, 1999

Perspectives 2000

by Dannion Brinkley

Without a doubt, a new age is dawning. In order for the new to live the old must pass away whether we like it or not. As we prepare for the millennium, we must thoroughly prepare for startling, overwhelming inner unfoldment. Everything we think we understand about ourselves will be revealed as incomplete as we witness what has been controlled and fed to us as the truth begins to crumble into the lies they truly are. So we must align ourselves with not only the energies of spirituality but with the energy of mental, emotional and physical change using the power of love and self-appreciation as the driving force. More simply put: we must forget yesterday. We must forget about tomorrow, too. Remember, only live today. With this accomplished, we have already seized the future. We now have a chance of a lifetime in a lifetime of chance.

I predict the study of our energy bodies will become a whole new science. Energy medicines as practiced by naturopaths, homeopaths, and other non-traditional practitioners such as qi gong and reiki will emerge as the wave of the future. I believe those who seek to become healers, using these traditions, will become some of the most sought after practitioners in the next millennium.

I predict retirement communities, and what we once called communal life, will re-emerge. We will begin again to rebuild self-sufficient, and inter-connecting extended families (with love, not blood, being the bond between us) where caring and compassion for one another are the foundational principles holding our lives together.

I believe major cities will literally be abandoned in the next fifteen to twenty years by those who have been drawn there in order to make a living. Highrise office buildings are nothing more than multi-story filing cabinets. With the advent of cyberspace, this way of living, although a necessity of our past, will be abandoned in the future as we realize how unhealthy this type of cosmopolitan lifestyle really is.

I believe we will experience a growing sense of connectedness to nature and the cosmos due to an increase in our inner spiritual awareness. Within the next seven years we will become utterly aware of the fact that we are not alone in this universe. This information will begin a revolution in spiritual consciousness which will open up endless possibilities for growth and unfoldment. Be prepared!

I believe the issue of water, the purity and quality of it, must be addressed immediately. Or we will find ourselves in despair.

veryone of us must take up the righteous mantle of being healers. In this way we will see more clearly our mission and purpose in the new millennium. By taking back total responsibility for our health and well-being, the next millennium offers the opportunity to regain control of our own destinies.

We must remain vigilant in protecting our privacy from religions, institutions, and governments. We must pay very close attention to what freedoms (what inalienable rights) we are willing to sacrifice for what appears to be convenience. In the new millennium the overall nature of religion will transform into individualized inner awareness, as opposed to the collective or group awareness which has ruled the age we are now leaving behind.

I believe the continued study of the near-death experience will unfold for us even greater opportunities to understand not only how we live but why we live. The mystery of what we call death will be revealed as simply an alternative continuation of life. Our ability to train our minds and hearts to be more empathic will be just one of the innovations brought about by this. I urge everyone to look at this issue more deeply than ever before.

I believe the tremendous magnetic energy released by sunspots over the next three years will reveal the reality of the vulnerability inherent in the way we live. This is especially true due to our immense reliance upon electricity. Due to these mega-sunspots we will experience metropolitan black-outs coupled with widespread disruption in the distribution of food stuffs and other daily usage products. I believe this to be one way the cosmos will choose to remind us of the importance of our reaching out and becoming closer to one another once again. For we can no longer use our modern conveniences as an excuse for and an acceptable means of separating ourselves from our neighbors.

I believe there will be extraordinary discoveries made in North, Central and South America, Egypt, and Asia over the next 7-8 years which will serve to completely rewrite history. We will know more about our true identity and origins than ever before. Light will be shed upon the darkest deceptions and global conspiracies that have ever been perpetrated upon the Earth in order to control us for whatever reasons there might be. In this new millennium the time has come for truth to reign supreme.

In closing, this is my hope rather than a prophetic prediction: as all the earth changes, both subtle and massive come to pass, one by one, and most especially with the occurrence of the electro-magnetic polar earth shift (between 2012-2014) I hope we all will seize the opportunities for growth which will undoubtedly present themselves to promote our inner development of spiritual virtues. As the Earth itself continues her personal evolution alongside of ours, we will be given the chance to show more love and tenderness toward one another than in any other time in the past 2000 years. Guys, always keep this in mind: with all the triumphs and adversities we are bound to face in the next millennium, we cannot forget that we chose to come here, and we were chosen to come here. We have come per breath which means our lives are measured in breaths by how much love we give and how much love we hope to receive. So, please everybody, breathe deeply…everybody!

May the spiritual worlds bless your lives with love and courage as this new age dawns.

I love you…


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